Sorry for unrelated non-art post, but I wanted to show everyone how bad I was at interior design.

Those wooden clips don’t actually do anything, by the way, the photos are taped at the back to keep it from falling.

(7/7) Digital Collage Work

'Virgo sata agris'

(6/7) Digital Collage Work


(5/7) Digital Collage Work

'Mater autem spongiam'


Words to live by


Words to live by

(4/7) Digital Collage Work


Taking a very brief break from my collage-posting queue to post crying and bleeding Yukko I’ve done in the past hour and so.

(3/7) Digital Collage Work
'Conventus Daemonum'

(3/7) Digital Collage Work

'Conventus Daemonum'

(2/7) Digital Collage Work

'De Mortuis'

(1/7) Digital Collage Work

'Aves etiam Americae'

I can only paint when I have something to layer the paint on. Otherwise I suck.

I also didn’t bother painting the craters on what was supposed to be a moon because fuck that shit.

Recently bought a new tablet from a friend at school for half the original shop price. The following days I was practicing with it and realized how much it hurts my carpals.
I suppose I’ve been getting better but only because I’ve been cheating using the lasso tool.

Help. I don’t know when I’ll ever stop.

I forgot how to draw at some point and just went with collage all the way. I’m getting a new tablet today anyway so I guess I’ll just relearn the making of the wheel or some shit.

I made loads of these (around 7?) and posted them on my Facebook since I was too lazy to log in to my Tumblr account. Might post the rest here when I’m not too lazy.

Link for an old RPG game I’ve been procrastinating on since forever.
The RAR file is around 30 MB and is also incredibly short and unappealing.