Hey there guys. I’ve been on a hiatus recently because of lack of time to do shit, because of my exams and TV production class. So to show that I’ve not been completely dead yet, I decided to post some other shit that exemplifies my life right now.

I made a small wreath out of twigs and white twine. Cutting off the thorns was terrible.
I bought an eagle wood sculpture set and completed it in an hour or so. My friend bought a dragon but she gave it to me because she didnt want to complete it on her own.
I started decorating my bedroom wall with my printed collages, cardboard, bamboo clothespins, and wooden spoons.
I bought a kids’ poster about the kinds of fishes so I can cut out the pictures, and now I don’t know what to do with them.

I need goals.

Sorry for unrelated non-art post, but I wanted to show everyone how bad I was at interior design.

Those wooden clips don’t actually do anything, by the way, the photos are taped at the back to keep it from falling.

(7/7) Digital Collage Work

'Virgo sata agris'

(6/7) Digital Collage Work


(5/7) Digital Collage Work

'Mater autem spongiam'


Words to live by


Words to live by

(4/7) Digital Collage Work


Taking a very brief break from my collage-posting queue to post crying and bleeding Yukko I’ve done in the past hour and so.

(3/7) Digital Collage Work
'Conventus Daemonum'

(3/7) Digital Collage Work

'Conventus Daemonum'

(2/7) Digital Collage Work

'De Mortuis'

(1/7) Digital Collage Work

'Aves etiam Americae'

I can only paint when I have something to layer the paint on. Otherwise I suck.

I also didn’t bother painting the craters on what was supposed to be a moon because fuck that shit.

Recently bought a new tablet from a friend at school for half the original shop price. The following days I was practicing with it and realized how much it hurts my carpals.
I suppose I’ve been getting better but only because I’ve been cheating using the lasso tool.

Help. I don’t know when I’ll ever stop.

I forgot how to draw at some point and just went with collage all the way. I’m getting a new tablet today anyway so I guess I’ll just relearn the making of the wheel or some shit.

I made loads of these (around 7?) and posted them on my Facebook since I was too lazy to log in to my Tumblr account. Might post the rest here when I’m not too lazy.